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Leading organizations around the world swear by design thinking to solve their most complicated problems. The creative process does not only belong to designers, but also to leaders, freelancers, and all people in the creative space who seek to solve human problems in order to advance their businesses and society.

What is design thinking? Why is it so important to infuse it in your organization, product/services and your everyday life? And how do you start your journey in user experience design?

In this FREE UX Trial Class, our expert instructor will guide you through these topics. We will cover the basic theory of user experience design:

  • Definition of design thinking
  • Definition and concepts of user experience design
  • Application of the principle at work and daily life

We will also be doing some hands-on exercises:

  • Design thinking exercise
  • Demo on prototype

This is a trial to our part-time UX class. Design/Coding background is not necessary, absolute beginners are welcomed.

Language: English

Propose an event idea to us

Propose an event idea to us

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