Functional Programming for Web Development

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What's this mystical thing called Functional Programming? Is it crazy to believe that we have been programming in such a way that actually makes it much more difficult to test? More difficult to have consistent results?

Join us by "taking the red pill" and learn what exactly is Functional Programming and how it can make you a better programmer. We will use the Elixir programming language, which is built on top of Erlang, another functional programming language, to show you how you can have consistent, working code, that's well tested and uses your computer/servers to their full potential. You will see how functional programming is actually perfect for web development and see how it fits the life cycle of a web request much better than Object Oriented Programming.

What we'll cover:

What is Functional Programming? Why does Functional Programming fit so well with web development Who should attend?

Those of you who are looking to level up in your programming knowledge Those of you who think there's a better method to get things done and keep your sanity

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About the Instructor

Allen Wyma is an software engineer who has been working in a variety of different environments and industries for the past ten years. He began his professional career working in Shanghai, customizing business systems for multiple clients, then moved on to Hong Kong where he has worked with robots, finance institutions, and local organisations to provide whole IT solutions from ideas to actual whole systems that include web, mobile, and embedded products. Due to these vastly different challenges, he has a developed a unique way of thinking and problem solving skills that help to provide more creative solutions.

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