Future-Proofing Hong Kong's 4 Pillar Industries for the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Here in Hong Kong we are at an interesting turning point where the beginnings of the 4th industrial revolution where tech disruption takes centre stage. Despite this, over the last 8 months we’ve been met with turmoil and instability that hint towards the possibility of a recession.

As it stands, the 4 “pillars of industry” in Hong Kong are: tourism, professional services, finance and trading logistics.

These have served us in decades past, but moving forward-- are these industries future proof?

As a top tier global city, are we keeping up with advancements in A.I technologies and skilled labour to remain competitive in these realms?

During this expert panel, we will dig into these 4 pillars of industry and discuss what it will take for Hong Kong to remain stable throughout the next decade as we quickly move into the 4th industrial revolution, where the physical world becomes increasingly more fused with the digital universe through A.I adoption.

Topics we will cover:

  • Are the 4 pillars future proof with A.I technologies?
  • What are the disruptive technologies shaping the legal sector?
  • Industrie 4.0 - Role of A.I thats shaping the Supply Chain
  • Technologies that boosted the Reindustrialisation of HK in Mask Production
  • How A.I. technologies are connecting Buyers and Suppliers
  • What other leading countries are doing to stay ahead
  • Jobs that will inevitably become redundant
  • How individuals can adapt their careers
  • How enterprises can upskill their workforce
  • What is the "call for action" for CEO's and CHROs?

Who should attend:

  • Anyone personally or professionally invested in the realm of the 4 pillars
  • Those looking to future proof their careers
  • Managers and execs that what a high-level overview of emerging technologies that are transforming the way we do business

This event will kick off a multi-event series, with each workshop going deeper into the individual pillars. More details will be announced during this event.


Minesh Pore

CEO, The BuyHive

Kam-Wing Pang

Compliance Director & Legal Counsel

Sehr Ahmed

CHRO Asia, Mercer

Horace Leung

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Propose an event idea to us

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