How AI is transforming the world of investing

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“Artificial intelligence (AI) is any task performed by a machine that would have previously been considered to require human intelligence.” described by the fathers of the field, Minsky and McCarthy in the 1950s. This is a fairly broad definition for sure, but with no doubt that AI enables people to integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making.

AI is transforming the world in every walk of life, it also goes for investing. There are so many AI-empowered systems providing a more significant contribution within the investment process. The application of data science and various AI techniques, in particular machine learning, to the investment process has now become a major priority for investors.

But how it works, and what is the technology behind it that can help your investment grow steadily in the long term?

We are thrilled to have Mr.Hugo Lui, the founder of ETFCool , a fintech investment product incubated in Hong Kong by Alpha Bright Asset Management Ltd., Mr. Hardy Liu, the Co-founder of and Altive. They will share their experience in :

  • Megatrends in Thematic and ETF investing such as 5G, Electric cars, AI and ESG investment opportunity
  • How can AI transform the Asset Management industry
  • How can AI, Data Science and Machine Learning techniques help you discover new investment opportunities
  • The relationship between data, technology and human talent in active portfolio management
  • Q&A Session

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