How to Break Into FinTech: Build a Career

13F, Zung Fu Industrial Building, 1067 King's Road

As the world becomes more tech driven by the second, what will the future hold for traditional finance jobs in Hong Kong?

With its colorful history as “Asia’s World City” and ranked Alpha+ in the Global Power City Index as a financial hub, will HK stand the test of time? It’s never too soon for you to consider what role you will play in the coming years as well as what current and future HR and managers will look for when building and modernizing their teams.

Fintech is the obvious choice for companies based in HK to turn to, both large and small, due to the high concentration of expertise and ready-made infrastructure. This panel will focus on what lies ahead for the future of Fintech in Hong Kong as well as what you can do to transition your career and be sure to stay relevant.

Who should attend?

  • Finance professionals looking to upgrade their skills
  • Aspiring financial professionals wondering what the future hold
  • HR or Managers looking to upgrade their knowledge base
  • Anyone wondering what the impacts of tech and AI will have on their job
  • Anyone looking for insight into the Fintech scene in Hong Kong

Event Collaborators: Peroni GetLinks Campfire


Justin Kim


Amanda Tung


Rosie Hampson


Igor Wos


Karen Contet Farzam


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Propose an event idea to us

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