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The best tech jobs in Hong Kong are extremely lucrative. In fact, the tech industry across the world is known for compensating its employees well. This is not just in the form of a high take-home salary but also other numerous perks and benefits. These include work-from-home options, flexi-time, decent maternity and paternity leave and so on.

The Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (somewhat) recently conducted a survey of more than 150 technology companies in Hong Kong. Around 50% of the companies surveyed said that they had a shortage of talent. This just goes to show that there is a huge supply shortfall when it comes to the skilled workforce in the technology sector in Hong Kong.

Topics we will cover (45mins):

❖ Our last 5 placements in tech (data and in software) – Track record (intro)

❖ How to get a job in Tech – Software Engineering and Data/AI

❖ What are the hottest trends for 2021

❖ What kind of companies are hiring juniors the most?

❖ What are the must have Soft Skills/ Hard Skills for 2021

❖ What matters the most in an interview with a Hiring Manager or HR?

Q&A (15mins)

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