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科技創業家要知道的成功元素 | Xccelerate x Life-solvers Company




今次我地同The Life-solvers Company 創辦人Adrian 一齊諗諗計,用創業家角度分享年輕人可以點樣以科技裝備自己,以便將來大派用埸! 仲可以話你知老闆其實最想要啲咩員工,所謂知己知彼先可以百戰百勝。一場毫無保留嘅分享,話埋你知準備見工,而且擁有專業技能嘅你,可以係面試時點樣表現好自己,配合埋Adrian 專業心理學知識,讓你喺每次見工都戰無不勝。



  • 無本生利嘅創業手法
  • 打工同創業嘅共通點
  • 成功創業家思維
  • 見工、創業必備嘅談判技巧


  • 需要職前準備
  • 應屆大學畢業生
  • 覺得自己未夠老闆格局


A majority of students face the prospect of unemployment after graduating from university. This problem has gotten worse especially in the past couple of years due to digitalization and automation of processes that once required human labor. You might be asking, what shall I do then after I complete my university degree in four years? What if I am not tech-savvy and feel like I can’t compete with my peers after graduation as a result?

Don’t worry, we have teamed up with Adrian, founder of The Life-solvers Company, to help youngsters like yourself, leverage and equip oneself with knowledge of the latest modern technologies to start your own businesses. Even if you are not interested in starting your own business, this webinar will give you great insight as to the exact qualities employers are looking for so that you can stand out from your competition. In addition, you will even be taught the keys to successful preparation beforehand so as to impress the hiring manager in job interviews. Together with Adrian’s professional expertise and knowledge in psychology, you are guaranteed to excel in every job interview you attend hereafter.

What do you desire - be controlled by destiny or take control of your own destiny in life? Subscribe to this webinar immediately to start controlling your own destiny in life!

Targeted Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to start a profitable business without any capital
  • The similarities between working for somebody and starting your own business
  • The mindset of successful entrepreneurs
  • Learn cutting edge negotiation techniques required to excel in job interviews and growing a business

IF you are:

  • Somebody who desires formal preparation before entering the workforce
  • Fresh Graduate/University Student Graduating this year
  • Aspires to become a business owner but doesn’t know-how

Don’t Hesitate! Take action and subscribe to this webinar now to launch your path to success!

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Propose an event idea to us

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