Linkedin for Business #1.0- Upgrade Your Profile Part 1 of 2


Learn everything you need to know to upgrade your Linkedin profile effectively

About this Event

According to research by Linkedin,not having a 100% complete profile could be costing you valuable opportunities. 50% of clients will avoid doing business with suppliers without a fully completed Linkedin profile.

The report also shows that 93% of recruiters use Linkedin to find candidates, but only 50% of users have an ‘All Star’ or fully completed profile and having a strong profile makes you 18 times more likely to be contacted for a new opportunity. Quite simply, without a strong Linkedin profile you are pretty much invisible to recruiters, hiring managers & clients.

At Workshop #1.0 in the popular ‘Linkedin for Business’ series, you will learn everything you need to know to upgrade your Linkedin profile effectively.

You’ll learn how to leverage the power of Linkedin to build a strong personal brand & present yourself powerfully to your target market as an industry opinion-former and thought-leader.

At this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Understand & apply the four pillars of Linkedin success
  • Upgrade your Linkedin profile effectively
  • Create a compelling, succinct personal headline
  • Create a clear career summary statement
  • Create an ‘All Star’ or fully completed profile
  • Create a professional headshot
  • Why the Linkedin skills section is vital to your success
  • Use Linkedin to source powerful recommendations from happy clients, bosses and co-workers
  • Use many hidden Linkedin features you probably don’t even know exist

Language: English

Venue: ZOOM

About Your Trainer:

Steve Bruce – Linkedin Trainer/Coach & Marketing Consultant, SB Consulting

Steve is a Hong Kong based Linkedin Trainer & SME Marketing Consultant. He has 30+ years’ international advertising agency, sales and marketing consultancy experience. He helps growing companies to tell their story in a clear, powerful way that will excite & engage their target customers. His tagline is 'marketing that makes sense' and he has helped his clients to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

He also helps Senior Executives, Business Owners & Corporate Teams to present themselves powerfully on Linkedin. The ‘SB Consulting magic’ is that 30+ years of international marketing experience means that he can tell your story better, in much less time and more effectively than you can working by yourself. He has also personally generated over HKD2.5m in revenue directly from Linkedin.


Steve Bruce

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