Masterclass: Humanising ESG Impact


Join us on this intimate virtual fireside chat with Barney Swan. Where we will discuss ways we can accelerate decarbonisation efforts to halt climate change. We will also discuss how society can go above and beyond and make a sustainable, systemic change through the following efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to accelerate nature-based solution

  • Building trust towards rural sustainable development

  • Encouraging cross-generational innovation and collaboration

Who should join:

  • This masterclass is aimed at everyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge capital and deepen their understanding of the mitigation efforts of climate change.

Barney Swan is the founder and the International Director of ClimateForce, a global non-profit committed to making sustainability more accessible to individuals and communities.

Through a regenerative portfolio, Barney Swan accelerates ecosystem protection, carbon drawdown and leadership expeditions. He is currently in Far North Queensland, Australia, working on a project to restore and protect the world’s oldest rainforest: the Daintree.

Prior to ClimateForce, Barney skied 1000km over 60 days to the South Pole, pulling a sledge with supplies and shelter. Surviving off clean technologies including a NASA-designed solar ice melter, biofuels made from waste products, vacuum flasks, and solar batteries. With a spirit of collaboration and shared experience, he connects audiences to better understand their environmental footprint. Open-sourcing solutions and making sustainable development inclusive to businesses, students and families.

Propose an event idea to us

Propose an event idea to us

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