Python for Digital Marketers

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Are you a digital marketer stuck in the rhythm of using same digital tools and analysis? Do you sometime question what your next career move is?

Consider becoming an indispensable “Technical Marketer” and learn how to code to enhance your job using Python!

What is Python, exactly? A lot of us in the tech industry hear it in almost every machine learning/ AI conferences there is. The truth is, Python can do so much more than machine learning/ AI, and its totally accessible to you regardless of your tech knowledge.

This workshop is for you. We’ll discuss Python holistically and debunk myths and rumours about Python, understand the roadmap of data collection all the way to data visualisation, and the art of looking for quality data.

This workshop wouldn’t be complete without touching upon one of marketer’s most valuable tool - social media. We’ll go through the basics of social media APIs, and how you could use all of these tricks, to come back to your team with a better understanding of your audience.

What we’ll cover:

  • What Python is and why is everybody buzzing about it

  • Myths and truths about Python

  • Exploring Google Feud: how to get data for FREE

  • Why Python will make your life so much easier - intro to social media APIs

  • Where a marketer can go from here - intro to visualisation and its tools

  • The big picture - machine learning, AI, etc.

  • Why, even if you are not technical, Python skills would benefit you

Propose an event idea to us

Propose an event idea to us

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