StashAway x Xccelerate : How to Use Data to Support your Investment

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A discussion series led by StashAway and Xccelerate covering the intelligent investment framework.

As stated by CFA Institute “One study suggests that more than 91.5% of a portfolio’s return is attributable to its mix of asset classes.” History has also shown us that it’s the economy, not the market, that ultimately drives returns over the medium to long term. Does the market have any tools that can maximise returns while minimising risk in wealth management?

Robo-advisors have become popular around the world largely due to their low fees, accessibility, and convenience. Learn the newest Asset Allocation Strategy, ERAA® (Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation), a unique proprietary investment framework that uses data to make portfolio decisions, and technology to maintain precision.

In this webinar, we are thrilled to have Stephanie Leung , Director & Head of StashAway HK and Group Deputy CIO to share her experience in:

  • Understanding Digital Wealth Management
  • Asset Allocation - A quick look into StashAway’s risk and investment framework, Economic-Regime based Asset Allocation, ERAA®
  • Q&A Session

Investment decisions should be based on data, not rumor and hearsay. Join us and learn how to be data-driven when doing investment.

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