Upskill or Fade: Future Proofing Teams & Your Career

20F, Tower 1 Times Square

By 2030, the Asia Pacific region will experience a labor skills shortage of 47 million people, while 800 million jobs will be lost globally to automation.

Upskilling is an obvious solution. For companies, replacing staff can cost up to 400% of an annual salary and lower overall morale. For individuals, one third of jobs in industries like finance and insurance will become obsolete as they stand today.

High quality tech education is expensive and inaccessible. With Asia expected to suffer an unrealized output of US $4.238 trillion due to a shortage of skilled workers and an extremely traditional education system to fall back on, disruption is imminently necessary here more than anywhere.

This panel discussion seeks to explore the global impact of an imminent tech talent shortage and particularly how it will affect life in Asia. We will discuss what managers could and should be doing to make sure they are not only hiring the right staff to enhance their teams, but how they can make current staff more efficient and create growth-minded cultures within the organization.

For individuals looking to upskill and become more relevant, you’ll learn about the current and future pain points both you and your employers will be facing in the coming years and what you can do NOW to stay ahead of the curve.

Key Takeaways

  • Current trends in hiring, training and upskilling tech talent

  • Skills that you need to be on top of

  • Future pain points or bottlenecks that you need to be aware of for future-proofing

  • Practical initiatives that you can start on your own or within your organization

Who should attend?

  • HR, managers, entrepreneurs and execs looking build or upskill effective teams
  • Individuals that want to understand the pain points and expectations of organizations relative to talent
  • Anyone looking cross the imminent skills gap chasm and stay relevant
  • Anyone looking to draw from the first hand experience and knowledge of our qualified speakers

Event Collaborators: South China Morning Post

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