Modern Workplace Etiquette Workshop

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Have you ever been commented by your friends, your colleagues, or even your haters on your appearance and presentation? In your workplace, being competent, talented and knowledgeable is not enough, your appearance, presentation and image are also the factors attributed to your success. In this unisex workshop, we will tell you in what way you can upgrade the external and internal part of yourselves, which make yourself a lovable and presentable person in the workplace.

What we’ll cover: What is the value of upgrading internal and external yourselves to your career? Based on what your image is established? What is a professional image for work in the eye of people? Very different prospect from male and female Tips to adorn and attire yourself professionally What is smart-casual wearing on Friday? Dress up like an professional in different occasions Appropriate social and professional manner in the workplace Different type of attitude to deal with your subordinates, colleagues, managers, or even your bosses who have different type of personality.

Who should attend?: Anyone who wants to be presentable in workplace and admired by your subordinates, colleagues, managers or even your bosses Those who would like to get well-prepared for working in large corporate Those who would like to improve self-awareness and build up confidence Those who wants to upgrade their appearance and social skills but have no idea what to do


  • 提升你的外在及內在形象,對你的事業有甚麼價值?

  • 你的形象是根據甚麼而建立?

  • 職場上的專業形象是甚麼?男女的看法大不同。

  • 專業衣著打扮的提示

  • 逢星期五Smart-Casual衣著是甚麼?

  • 按不同場合,以不同的專業打扮示人

  • 職場上適當的專業及社交禮儀

  • 你的下屬、同事、經理、甚至老闆性格各有不同,如何使用不同的態度對待不同性格的人


  • 想在職場上建立體面的形象,以及想被你的下屬、同事、經理甚至老闆愛戴的人

  • 想為在大企業工作作好準備的人

  • 想提升自我意識及建立自信的人

  • 想提升個人顏值及社交技巧的人

Propose an event idea to us

Propose an event idea to us

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