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Xccelerate Open Day - Your Next Career Chapter

Online on Zoom

Update: In-line with current government advice, this event will now be ONLINE VIA ZOOM only.


Data Science, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, UX Design 係每個行業都需要嘅科技技能,而且每一日都有新嘅職位空缺。為左令唔太熟悉Tech嘅您有更多嘅了解,Xccelerate 將舉行一個校園開放日,比大家了解每一個範疇嘅工作性質,同埋工作前景。

喺呢個校園開放日,我哋會介紹Xccelerate嘅課程(全日制為主) ,一次過解答您所有嘅疑問,並帶您參加我哋嘅新校舍。您亦都可以同我哋嘅收生主任、導師同埋學生傾吓計。無論您係嚟自邊個行業、適合向邊個方向發展、有關課程同獎學金、定係搵工嘅支援同工作前景,保證可以比到新嘅工作啟發您!


  • 覺得前路茫茫
  • 冇時間重返校園
  • 想為人生重新定位
  • 想係科技界創一番事業
  • 自由工作者
  • 就快大專/大學畢業
  • 職埸新人
  • 又或者想轉行嘅你!

如果您符合以上其中一個條件, 就立即報名啦!

Frustrated by the never-ending job hunting?

During this wave of unemployment, rather than staying home waiting for emails or non-stop refreshing the job board for vacancies, why not grasp the chance to upskill yourself and plan for your future?

Data Science, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and UX Design are some important skills within the tech industry, they even have new openings every day. In order to let those who are unfamiliar with tech to gain a better understanding of the field and job prospects, Xccelerate is now presenting you with our OPEN DAY, and you are cordially invited to join us!

During the Open Day, we will introduce Xccelerate’s courses (mainly full-time) and bring you around our school campus. You are also given a chance to talk to our Admissions Manager, instructors and our current students, and to ask us practically anything, be it your background and suitability, the course and the scholarship, or career support and job prospect.

Who should attend:

  • Working professionals who want to invest in themselves
  • Those who are looking for an exciting new career move
  • Startup founders
  • Freelancers
  • Undergraduates
  • Fresh Graduates

流程 Schedule:

14:00 - 15:00 數據科學&機械學習 Data Science and Machine Learning

15:30 - 16:30 軟件工程 Software Engineering

17:00 - 18:00 用戶體驗設計 UX Design

Language: Cantonese (instructor session in English)


Your Next Chapter

This Open Day is part of the “Your Next Chapter” campaign which aims to especially help those who are unemployed under this wave of unemployment. It includes a series of career workshops and consultation sessions.

Linkedin Workshop: 1st December, 2020

CV Workshop: 11th December, 2020

Xccelerate Open Day: 11th December, 2020

Job Hunting Workshop: 18th December, 2020

1-on-1 Consultation and Group Consultation every Tue & Fri

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Propose an event idea to us

Propose an event idea to us

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