UX Feature Night: Find Inspiration & Talent

Campfire, 9/F, V-Point, 18 Tang Lung St., Causeway Bay

Are you interested in exploring UX as a potential new career or as an added skill but don’t know where to begin?

According to CNN, UX Design ranks 14th in a list of the top 100 jobs. In a recent Nielson Norman Group study, UX designers rated their career satisfaction as 5.4 on a scale of 1-7.

There is no doubt that as we move deeper into the age of technology, user experience has not only become a nice to have but a must have, and as such have the demand for UX designers globally.

Finally, Hong Kong is catching the UX bug as well! At Xccelerate, our part-time UX Design course has been selling out and is proving to be one of our hottest courses in 2019.

Why you should join:

Learn first hand from people like you who went from zero experience to portfolio ready within 6 weeks. There will be Q&A and networking opportunities to learn about their journey as well as the tools and methods they found most useful, plus their next steps in the field.

This UX Talent showcase will serve the community in multiple ways:

  • It will demonstrate what sort of talent is available for those looking to hire UX designers
  • It will provide an in-depth look at what sort of skills are required to build a portfolio for newcomers
  • It will give our talented UX Design graduates a way to show off their final projects and kickstart their personal brand in this field

So, have you been itching to get a UX designer in your team? Maybe you want to pursue in-demand skills in this field and become more competitive in your career.

Or maybe you just want to catch up with the community and catch a glimpse of some inspiring projects from Hong Kong’s newest batch of fresh UX Design graduates.


  • 7:00 pm Guests enter, chat, find seating

  • 7:20pm Campfire/ Xccelerate Intro

  • 7:25 - 8:10 Presentations

  • 8:15 Closing remarks from Xccelerate/Campfire

  • 8:15 Onward - Networking

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