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Xccelerate Graduate Stories

Krishna Mohinani
A well planned out course that packs in 2 years of material into 4 months, so a lot of self-study and self-motivation is required. The material itself can only be mastered with practise which the course gives a lot of. The staff is competent in this field and can answer most questions. There is an entire team to help you with career planning, with services such as a CV touch up and interview training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone prepared to make a full-time commitment to the course. I look forward to my career prospects as a result.... Show more
Ken Ng
This course gave me the experience of conquering setbacks and helped me to instil a strong growth mindset. Within a month of finishing the course, I started a web development agency with some other course mates and an experienced product manager.I'd recommend it to anyone who has a strong desire and aptitude to learn how to code... Show more
Kevin Cho
I am really happy that I could benefit from the team's extensive network of tech startups. I wanted to find a job that marries my interests in finance, data science and software engineering. The team took my requirements seriously and sourced me numerous job opportunities. Thanks to Xccelerate, I now work in one of the world's leading artificial intelligence accelerators, Zeroth.ai.... Show more
Willis Poon
Senior Software Engineer
It is a major change of my life to join Xccelerate bootcamp! I was in the field of business and doing my start-up, once I realized coding will be the future and that's the point I joined Xccelerate. Xccelerate provided all rounded support from tutoring and gaming room. Studying in Xccelerate is one of my most enjoyable time in my life!... Show more
Ray Ho
Miro AI
Data Scientist
Was looking for an in-person DataScience bootcamp to keep me committed (to my career switch) and to meet like-minded people interested in ML and AI in HK. Happy to report that Xccelerate delivered in both those regards. Was also half the price of the nearest competitor. In-person courses offer face-time with instructors that I couldn't find in online offerings. I also got to work with people in a team, in person--something which I believe contributed to my job offer. After graduating, I had a look around and found a place for a (junior) Data Scientist at an established startup within a month.... Show more
Andy Wang
Data Scientist
Before Xccelerate I was the founder of a startup. I was doing a lot of machine learning and data science related freelance. Even before I was doing that I was working at a hedge fund in London. I came to Xccelerate because I had experience in the field but wanted to refine my knowledge.... Show more
Sam Gellman
Xccelerate Graduate
I spent 15 years in the professional world -- 8 at Goldman Sachs and 7 at Uber -- and throughout my career always wished I had a stronger technical foundation. When I had some time off, I decided to take the full-time Xccelerate Web App Development course. Lavine, the CEO, cared a lot about the students, personally reaching out to me when I was in my decision-making process and connecting multiple times throughout the 4 month course. I ended up loving the course. It gave me a great roadmap and framework for thinking about how to build apps myself. There were a few apps I had always wanted to build and now am well on my way. ... Show more
Miguel Penandes
10 Life
Software Engineer
The best way to learn coding is by doing. Xccelerate coding bootcamp pushed you through 1000+ hours of coding in 16 weeks, and that is tough, but by the end of the last week you have all the required skills to work professionally as a developer.... Show more
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