7 Reasons You Should Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp

12 May 2017

First, let’s clarify what a coding boot camp is. We are talking about an immersive, full time training program that teaches you how to do software programming (coding) and how to work in a software development role. There’s a large variety of such roles and a desperate lack of people to fill these roles in a world that is increasingly technology driven. Don’t take my word for it. Check the US Department of Labor Statistics website. They predict a 17% increase in software developer jobs over the next few years.All kinds of analysts and smart folks are predicting that many jobs will be displaced by automation and robots over the next decade. So, if you are in one of those industries or jobs that is likely to be impacted by such trends, what do you do? Learn new skills and make yourself employable in the new world. You don’t have to be a technologist, an engineer, or a math genius to work in software development. Here’s a list of reasons why enrolling in a coding boot camp might be the right way for you to open doors before your current job or skills become obsolete.

1. A robot could do your job

It may not happen tomorrow, or even this year, but someone, somewhere, is trying to figure out how to replace you with a machine. I’m not trying to scare you, or maybe I am. We’ve seen a prediction that 5 million jobs will be displaced by technology in the next few years. Don’t wait until you’ve been replaced and are unemployed. The sooner you start retraining, the sooner you can get into a job with a future.

2. Your job sucks

You are in a job that is unfulfilling. You know who you are and I don’t have to explain why you feel that way. Don’t waste any more time in a job that doesn’t challenge you or allow you to learn new things. Software development is both challenging and requires constant new learning because technology continuously changes and evolves. A coding boot camp will teach you how to learn new technology quickly and efficiently, for a lifetime of continuous learning.

3. You are unemployed and have been looking for a job for months

You are not qualified for any of the tech jobs you want to apply for and no matter how you spin it in your resume, you just aren’t getting interviews. You should stop spending time looking for a job and spend your time getting the skills that will land that rewarding job you know you could do if you updated your skills. A boot camp will take just 4 months to make you employable in a software development job.

4. You want to learn coding but don’t know where to begin

There are tons of resources available online to teach yourself coding. Unfortunately, they assume you know what you should learn and that an employer will believe that you learned what they need you to know on your own. Online training has its place but if you are trying to change careers, or have limited work experience, don’t try to teach yourself coding online. You will likely study the wrong stuff, fail to really understand the underlying concepts and theories, and still not get the respect you are looking for from hiring managers. Take a certified boot camp and let them show you what to learn and guide you through the process with personal coaching and mentoring.

5. You work in a tech job but your skills are out of date

You are one of those loyal folks who stuck with a company for years, supporting their legacy systems. It was an important job and you took great comfort in the stability and security of knowing you were needed and very good at what you did. Now that legacy system is being replaced, and you will be too if you don’t do something to update your skills. With your background and experience, taking a 4-month boot camp will allow you to quickly get up to date with modern programming languages and platforms. You can be a tech rock star again!

6. Learning new skills adds to your existing skills

You are a non-technical professional who works with technical folks. You can enroll in a coding boot camp to expand your skill set, not start all over in a junior level position. There are many hybrid jobs these days where you can leverage business, marketing, design, or project management skills in a semi-technical role. Adding software development skills to your existing expertise may give you a competitive advantage and allow you to work well with the highly technical folks on your team, who now speak a different language than you. If you want to be able to work closely with or manage a group of software developers, enrolling in a coding boot camp can quickly give you the skills and respect you need to be highly effective.

7. Learn coding by coding

This reason for enrolling in a coding boot camp may sound silly but it is the best reason to take this approach to learning a valuable new skill. Reading about programming (online courses) or hearing about programming (lecture-based classes) are not nearly as effective as learning by doing. An immersive boot camp, where you spend almost all your time creating websites and applications, will teach you far more than you will get from other traditional approaches. An immersive boot camp isn’t easy. In fact, it is hard. But nothing worth doing is ever easy. If you are going to invest the time to retrain yourself, do it in the most effective and efficient way. Boot camps work!

Now you know why you should enroll in a coding bootcamp. It has been said that there are 3 types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those that wonder what happened. Which one will you be. If you have ever thought about or wished you had pursued a career in software development, it isn’t too late. Take action and make things happen!

12 May 2017

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