Why are Software Engineers So Important to Hong Kong?

Kay Hui

27 Jun 2019


In recent years, the tech development of Asia has been flourishing. However, Hong Kong lags behind as cities like Singapore and Beijing while Shenzhen races ahead.

To increase in competitiveness, tech development in Hong Kong has been accelerating these past few years, and the demand for Software Engineers keeps increasing.

So what is a Software Engineer?

The websites and mobile applications that we are used to seeing are all designed and developed by software engineers. There is a huge variety of software engineers, including front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers and mobile developers amongst others.

Why become a Software Engineer?

As the banking industry starts moving towards a digital paradigm, the investment banking, finance, and insurance sectors are hiring more software developers. The demand for software engineers has increased drastically.

To add, the government is putting in efforts to accelerate the growing demand for tech talents as well. This is proved by the development plan of Cyberport and the Science Park, together with the $2 billion funding into the Re-industrialisation scheme in this year's budget plan. The setting up of the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) also attracts many tech companies from overseas to develop their businesses in Hong Kong.

Backing up by governmental support, the local startup scene has demonstrated phenomenal growth in recent years. Compared to the statistics from 2017, there has been a 51% increase in the total number of startup in Hong Kong.

The salary of a software engineer is very attractive. Their starting salaries are in the range of HK$18000 to HK$30000 a month. As skills and experience increase, salaries can go up to even HK$45000- HK$50000 per month.

How to become a Software Engineer?

As long as you’re able to write good code, it doesn’t matter if you have an university degree or not. So all you need is the right coding course and a lot of dedication to become a Software Engineer.

Xccelerate is now promoting the Full-stack Software Engineering Immersive, preparing you from zero to job-ready in 16 weeks. If you already have knowledge of some coding languages and would like to upgrade your skills, this would be a great head-start!

The market demand keeps increasing. Want to stay competitive in the job market? Check out our courses and find the right skills for you.

Kay Hui

27 Jun 2019

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