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UI/UX Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer, UX Researcher, Service Designer, UX Consultant 

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Course overview

In this 16-week, full time immersive full-stack UX design course, you will learn the basics of UX research and design methods through a combination of in-class practical learning and real life client projects.

You will also learn to use Adobe XD and other cutting-edge collaborative tools, with which you will use to complete 2 additional live client projects.

Once you are adept to the techniques and software, you will work on your capstone project and will get an opportunity to present it to a panel.

This course offers you an opportunity to learn, collaborate and network with not only your peers but also with industry professionals.

We will equip you with effective presentation and job application best practice techniques, while helping you build your portfolio, CV and cover letter.

By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently present your ‘real-world projects’ and be ready to step into the life of a UI/UX professional.


Engagement at the core

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Online office hours

Instructors will be available via livestream on designated days to ensure you get extra help with course materials or assignments

Access course content anytime

Class content will be available for you to access throughout the duration of the course.

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2 x Personal Interview Prep

3 x Personal CV Review

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Coding challenge

Course plan

Unit 1

Introduction to UI and UX

What is UI and UX & the importance of both

Design Thinking

Theory on interaction design

What is a good design and why?

Application of UX across industries

What industries look for in a full-stack UI/UX designer

Introduction to UI/UX design process

Creating case study blogs on Medium and its importance

Unit 2

UX Research and Analysis

Introduction to UX research tools

Preparing Surveys, workshops, observations and competitive research

Getting to know analysis tools

Affinity mapping, user personas, stakeholder map, journey map, user flow

Creating business value/revenue generation methods

How to approach brainstorming: techniques

Developing user scenarios

Usability testing methods

Presentation techniques and infographics

Introduction to Agile methodology

Unit 3

Real-life client project (research-based, service design)

Take on your first client research project

Decoding a client brief, pain points and requirements

Identifying target users and business goals

Planning for your project

How to manage roles, task distribution and your time

Present your project to the class

Unit 4

UX Design

Introduction to UX design

Information architecture and sitemaps

Introduction to white paper

Creating user flows

Visual hierarchy (Gestalt Psychology)

Generating business through UI/UX


Unit 5

UI/UX Software

Introduction to UI/UX design best practice and trends

Quick hand sketching

Figma/XD/Sketch overview

Using libraries and plugins


Practice wireframing dream projects

Usability tests of your wireframes

Unit 6

UI Design

Colour theory

Simple animations

Adaptive and responsive designing

Difference between low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes

Designing forms, buttons, nav-bars, landing pages, blogs, footers and e-commerce pages

Usability testing

Project: Client UI Redesign

Presentation to your client

Adapting based on feedback

Unit 7

3 week project

Choose a client from our curated list of course partners to take on a real-life case study. You’ll work in a team of 3-4 students wherein you get to interact with the client directly to solve their UX problems with the skills you’ve learned in previous units

Use your research skills to learn about your clients pain points and user needs

Analyse your findings and apply empathy, design thinking and analysis tools to organize your findings and create practical solutions

Apply your design skills to render a visual representation of your ideas

Conduct user tests through A/B testing, card sorting or guided tours to affirm the best solution

Tie everything together with a final presentation, directly with the client to set forth your ideas and conclusions

Unit 8

Capstone Project

Students work on a complete project of their choice. They can either choose from the list of curated projects or source a project of their personal passion

Project ideation: We'll work together to choose the best project that fits your personal passion and professional aspirations

Together, we will create the most efficient practical plan to complete tasks required to achieve the best possible project outcome

Use all of the skills and confidence acquired in the course to take on this large project

Finish up by presenting your project to a panel

Unit 9

Building Your Portfolio

By this time you’ll have 4 projects to showcase in a professional format

You’ll be presented with some of the best portfolio practices and formatting ideas through visual examples

You’ll apply your understanding of UX to design your own portfolio to present your projects effectively and clearly

You’ll begin to build your professional, online branding assets including a personal website and Medium blog presence

You can choose to have sessions covering professional CV and cover letter best practices

Instructors and support team

Anubhav Aich

Head of UX

Justin Fong

UX Designer


3/F, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Rd, Tin Hau, Fortress Hill

Course schedule

Sep 21 - Jan 18, 2021

Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm

Course closed



Feb 8 - Jun 1, 2021

Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm

Starts in 23d 15:16:48



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