Advancing technology by bridging the talent gap
We are Educators, Thinkers & Collaborators

Xccelerate was founded with the original vision of bridging the tech talent gap in Hong Kong.
We enable students and companies to acquire the skills they need in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Software Engineering.
Our mission is to provide accessible, cutting-edge tech education to empower individuals, businesses, and communities globally.


Upskilling teams and hiring solutions to drive competitiveness


Empowering motivated people to build high-impact tech careers


Preparing students to thrive in the economy of the future

Core Values


Our team is constantly innovating to conquer bigger challenges.


Our affordable tuition lowers the barrier to entry to technical education and meaningful careers.


Our students walk away with valuable knowledge and relationships to advance their career forward.


Our students and clients success is a reflection of our success.

Bias for Action

Our team moves fast and continuously strives to do better

Meet Our Team

Lavine Hemlani
Chairman & CEO
Altaf Rehmani
Executive Director, Technology
Milko Van Duijl
Non-Executive Director & Board Member
Leo Chiu
Steve Safarowic
Chief Product Officer
Shiva Pandey
Software Engineer
Data Science Instructor
Sean Ng
Senior Software Engineer
Sunng Ng
Senior Lecturer
Jyoti Gupta
Lead Instructor
Anubhav Aich
Head of UX
Thomas Ho
Director Enterprise Solutions
Amanda Chan
Chief Commercial Officer
Sherman Lee
AI Adviser
Andrew King
Senior Advisor
Dr. Francis Lau
Lead Instructor
Thomas DiRienzo
Head Of Talent Solutions
Ravi Murugesan
Data Science Instructor
Sam O'Shaughnessy
Software Engineering Instructor
Sean Kwan
Soft Skill Coach/Trainer
Yifeng Hou
Data Science Instructor
Johnny Poon
RPA Lead Instructor
Wayne Fong
Data Science Instructor
Kay Hui
Marketing Manager
Andy An
Lead Software Engineering Instructor/ Curriculum Writer
Resham Hemlani
Head of Placement
Aka Chung
Admissions Manager
Lesley Cheung
Software Engineering Instructor
Andy Green
Hunter Amato
Guest Blogger
Geoffrey Yip
Data Science Instructor
Isabelle Ho
Community Manager
Rita Yao
Community Manager
Steven Correy
Data Science Instructor
King Chak Ho
Teaching Assistant
April Yu
UX Instructor
Marcus Yick
UX Instructor
Julius Chan
Blockchain Instructor
Rowena Lai
Michal Szczecinski
Data Science Instructor
Richard Vale
Data Science Instructor
Benjamin Chen
Independent Director
Sariel Lau
Software Engineering Instructor
Allen Wyma
Software Engineering Instructor
Wing Cheung
Fintech Instructor
Aditya Durai
Fintech Instructor
W.C. Chan
Data Science Instructor
Kevin Ho
Data Analytics Instructor
Julien Keung
Data Science & Machine Learning Instructor
Ricky Lau
Blockchain Instructor
Tony Lee
Business Development
Adrian Lee
Python Instructor
Ariel Carlos Canete
Software / Data Engineer Instructor
Jason Rosenbach
Summer Intern
Ragy Amin
Digital Marketing Associate
Emil Chan
Smart City Consortium FinTech Committee Chairman
Hugo Mar
Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Instructor
Jessica Yip
Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Instructor
Henrique Centieiro
HSBC Innovation Project Manager
Endy Chow
Digital Marketer and Trainer
Nikhil Jain
Fintech Program Director