Accelerating humanity by
educating workforces

We are educators, technologists and innovators

Xccelerate was founded with the vision of solving the human capital development challenges in Asia. We enable individuals, enterprises, governments and societies to be ready for the future of work by enabling skills and talent in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Software Engineering, User Experience Design and Digital Marketing. We focus on employment-based curriculum that inspires professionals to apply their learning and boldly move away from business as usual. We build highly engaging end-to-end educational experiences by continuously refining feedback loops such as gamification, social learning and learner-accountability.

Our Mission

To provide accessible, cutting-edge tech education-to-employment to empower individuals, businesses and societies globally. A platform inspiring millions to create a better tomorrow and unleash the greatest version of themselves.

Core Values: F.A.S.T.E.R


We stand for world-class excellence with a progress-first mentality. We take risks on meaningful challenges.


We believe education-to-employment is the cornerstone to human progress and meaningful contribution.


We have a gargantuan sense of urgency to innovate for our learners and instructors everyday and everywhere.


Our affordable tuition lowers the barrier to technical education and meaningful careers. We are obsessed with providing exceptional outcomes to build a better future.


We start small, dream big and learn fast. We raise our standards daily by improving our capabilities towards long-term outcomes.


We accelerate workforces together. We are humble individually and only succeed as a team. Always.

Contact Us

For questions about Xccelerate's mission, our outcomes and our track record of up-skilling and re-skilling workforces to generate careers, feel free to talk to us.

Contact Us

For questions about Xccelerate's mission, our outcomes and our track record of up-skilling and re-skilling workforces to generate careers, feel free to talk to us.

Our Team

Lavine Hemlani

Founder, CEO & Chairman

Steve Safarowic

Chief Product Officer

Mark Sims

Chief Operating Officer

Resham Hemlani

Chief People Officer

Damien Cheong

Country Manager, SEA

Altaf Rehmani

Executive Director, Technology

Milko Van Duijl

Non-Executive Director & Board Member

Sehr Ahmed

Non-Executive Director

Sam O'Shaughnessy

Software Engineering Instructor

Kaleb Cardenas

Head of Service Design

Thomas DiRienzo

Head Of Talent Solutions

Shiva Pandey

Lead Software Engineer

Kay Hui

Marketing Manager

Aka Chung

Head of Career Success

Somya Mathur

Career Advisor

Rachel Wang

Education Manager

Tony Lee

Business Development

Jason Magpantay

Software Developer

Matthew Bilo

Software Engineer & Growth Hacking Specialist

Justin Fong

UX Designer

Bell Chan

UX/UI Designer

Oillio Chung

Data Science Instructor

Ipsita Mund

Data Science Technical Mentor

Reshma Punjabi

Data Science and Machine Learning Instructor

Bibek Rajbhandari

Software Engineering Technical Mentor

Aakansha Malpani

Marketing Associate

Emil Chan

FinTech Committee Chairman

Henrique Centieiro

Innovation Project Manager

Leo Chiu


Andy Lee


Andy Green


Benjamin Chen

Independent Director

April Yu

UX Instructor

Marcus Yick

UX Instructor

Adrian Lee

Python Instructor

Endy Chow

Digital Marketer and Trainer

Hugo Mar

Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Instructor

Geoffrey Yip

Data Science Instructor

Ravi Murugesan

Data Science Instructor

Andrew Cheung

Product Management Instructor

Danny Vu

Database and Data Engineering Instructor

Accelerating humanity by educating workforces